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Survey of Professional Forecasters
The Philly Fed has been polling forecasters for years and posting both
summary statistics (mean forecasts, for example) and individual numbers
(suitably anonymized). We take a look at the recent data, see what's there.
Prepared for Data Bootcamp course at NYU
Written by Dave Backus and Chase Coleman, March 2016
Created with Python 3.5
import packages, check versions
import sys
import pandas as pd
#import numpy as np
#import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
print('\nPython version: ', sys.version)
print('Pandas version: ', pd.__version__, '\n')
read data
url1 = ''
url2 = 'real-time-center/survey-of-professional-forecasters/'
url3 = 'historical-data/micro5.xls'
url = url1 + url2 + url3
spf = pd.read_excel(url)
print('Dimensions:', spf.shape)
print('\nData types:\n', spf.dtypes, sep='')