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Adds a Blueprint Deployer chest which can be connected to the circuit network to build a self-expanding factory.

Example commands:

Construction robot = 1

Deploy blueprint. Construction robot signal can be any value ≥ 1.

Construction robot = 2

Deploy blueprint from book. Construction robot signal selects which blueprint to use. If it is greater than the size of the book, the active blueprint is used instead.

Deconstruction planner = -1

Deconstruct area. W = width, H = height. The deployer chest will never deconstruct itself with this command.

Deconstruction planner = 1

Cancel deconstruction in area.

Deconstruction planner = -2

Deconstruct the deployer chest.

Signal C = 1

Copy blueprint or blueprint book. The original blueprint must be in a chest (or inserter with read hand contents) on the same circuit network as the deployer chest.

Signal C = -1

Delete blueprint or blueprint book.

X and Y signals shift the position of the construction/deconstruction order.

R signal rotates the blueprint. R = 1 = 90° clockwise, R = 2 = 180°, R = 3 = 90° counterclockwise.

Blueprints are centered on: 1) The first wooden chest in the blueprint, 2) The first deployer chest in the blueprint, 3) The center of the blueprint.