1st project for WDI/London. DavidJamesMitten.
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WDI - Project - 1 GuITar Hero-Ku


Here is a simple arcade game. It involves basic ideas with sleek design that provides game that a game you can play again and again. It follows a colour scheme that brings back the retro games of Atari and other popular arcade games. Each element ties in to increase the gaming experience.

A working version of the app can be found - [here] (https://stark-cliffs-60304.herokuapp.com/)...

and the github repository can be found - [here] (https://github.com/BRHGreen/wdi-project-1)

How to play

The gamer is presented with a window that asks them to 'Insert Coin Click to Play!'. When the gamer clicks the window the game begins. There is a 'lives' window to the top left that allows gamer to keep track of lives and a window to the top right keeps track of the gamers score.

You use the keys 'z, x, c, v, b' to collect points by pressing them as the balls 'notes' cross through the boxes. Each ball is worth 1 point.

Difficulty increases as time goes on increasing the speed the balls drop and at the rate in which they are created.

Failure occurs when all lives are terminated. The gamer, although defeated can try again after seeing their score to try and beat it.

Project Brief

  • Create a game utilising our 2 weeks of knowledge on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Jquery.
  • Build the game using object orientated programming if possible.

How it was Built

GuITar Hero-Ku was built with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Jquery. The libraries used for jquery can be found here - [jQuery library] (https://developers.google.com/speed/libraries/)

Fonts were located here - [Fonts] (https://fonts.google.com/)

Sounds were lcoated here - [Sounds] (https://freesound.org/)

Background image was located here - [Background] (http://www.androidguys.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/8bit_wallpaper18.jpg)


  • First and foremost, my fellow coders.
  • GA instructors - Alex Chin and Rane Gowan.
  • Teaching Assistants - Nat Huitson & Ed Compton.