SubCity (ex CityLife) is an open-source city management simulation written in C++
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Welcome to the SubCity project (nota bene: that's not the final name for this project, any good idea is welcome).

SubCity is a city simulation game under BSD license (see LICENSE for more informations). It will count in its features the following engines:
- economy,
- inhabitants (flows, housing renewelment, transports use, wastes management, delinquance...),
- industries (employment, economy inputs/outputs, wastes management, products avalaibility in the city, corruption...),
- energy (use, pollution....)
- transports (flows, pollution...)
- etc, your ideas are welcome too :-)

What makes SubCity unique in its approach is the use of bio-inspired algorithms, such as Genetics-Algorithm, Ant colonies, etc.

Of course, this projects is an adaptation of Sim City(tm) series. Yep that's true. But this is not a fork of Lincity. CityLife is a project written from scratch. Everything here is done by ourselves. So don't hesitate anymore, you want to discover new things in a cool project? Enroll yourself soldier!

Developers' corner:
- We plan to use SDL for the human machine interface
- Design rendering may be inspired by (Open) Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Pixel artists, you are welcome!