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C++ is a popular and widely used mid-level language. It was designed as an extension of the C language.

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MarcoFalke commented Aug 27, 2020

connect_nodes(self.nodes[a], b) is confusing because

  • the types of the arguments differ
  • the test framework is aware of all nodes, so solving a to self.nodes[a] can be done hidden from the caller

This should be fixed by replacing connect_nodes(self.nodes[a], b) with self.connect_nodes(a, b) and removing the global connect_nodes.

IainCole commented Jul 24, 2020

You could argue this is a feature request I suppose but here it is


Operating system and version: Windows
OBS Studio version: 25.0.8

Expected Behavior

If you switch to a profile that changes settings requiring OBS to be restarted, the user should be prompted to restart OBS.

Current Behavior

Nothing happens so the user doesn't know they need to restart

Steps to R

michaeleisel commented Aug 4, 2020 has done their first release ( ) and it seems like something potentially useful for merging code paths. The most likely candidate I imagine is using SIMD code to replace the non-SIMD fallback path, but maybe it'd be worth checking if it can be used to merge ARM and x8

TERMIK commented Sep 21, 2020

I've included the header file "catch.hpp" in my iOS application where I have a C++ part and defined #define CATCH_CONFIG_MAIN in a cpp file that I want to be tested.

I've also written a simple test:

int return_int(int arg){
return 1;

TEST_CASE( "Test", "[int]" ) {
REQUIRE(return_int(1) == 1);
REQUIRE(return_int(2) == 1);

But all I have are these two errors

xmha97 commented Sep 5, 2019

Bug report

Describe the bug

Here is a clear and concise description of what the problem is:

Hello, There is a bug on Kodi (tested on Windows Store version)
Using Alt+Space I can move Kodi on full-screen mode

Expected Behavior

Here is a clear and concise description of what was expected to happen:

Actual Behavior

Possible Fix

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce t

heinezen commented Sep 8, 2020

Required skills: Python

Difficulty: Easy

openage currently stores information about a game edition or expansion inside an Enum, e.g. media paths, support status, etc. We should store this information in an auxiliary file instead, similar to #1312. That would make updating and correcting game information easier as we no longer have to replace chunks of code.

The recommended appro

momo1986 commented Mar 26, 2020

Hello, dear Mediapipe guys.

I want to inference the hand pose with Mediapipe model and my own model.

I have my own tf-lite models, it can work on the RGB bitmap.

I try to query the RGB bitmap from input frame with data packet.

My code is

private static final String INPUT_VIDEO_STREAM_NAME = "input_video";
processor.addPacketCallback(INPUT_VIDEO_STREAM_NAME, (packet)->{

Created by Bjarne Stroustrup

Released October 1985

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