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My first Android app: Launch Fusée Gelée payloads from stock Android (CVE-2018-6242)


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My first Android app: Launch Fusée Gelée payloads from stock Android

Heavily based on Fusée Gelée and ShofEL2. fusee.bin is bundled as a default payload

Note: Any proprietary payloads are neither tested nor supported by this software.

Does it work on your device? Report here

This app is currently in "Alpha" state, it's my first Android app and there is some rather disgusting code (Potentially blocking tasks on the UI thread 🤢). This will be improved soon™.


  • Launch the app.
  • (Optional) go to the Config tab, and select a custom payload file.
  • Plug in your Switch. (On my Nexus 5, I use a micro USB OTG cable, and an A-to-C cable)
  • Put it into RCM mode. (Note: your switch will power on by itself when plugged in, be sure to hold VOL+).
  • Grant permission to the app to access the USB device.
  • Enjoy!

Note: The app does not need to be running in order to launch the payload. The phone can even be locked!


  • Why use this over a web-based launcher?: No internet required, and can auto-launch even if your phone is locked. Plug and play!
  • Can it load Linux?: soon™
  • Will it brick my phone/switch?: Hopefully not, but I an certainly not responsible if it does!
  • Does it need root?: Nope!


  • Refactor the code so it's less hacky
  • Improve UI/UX
  • Implement loader for fail0verflow's Linux

For anyone who wants to look at the exploit source, the magic happens here.