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Go-Wardley - Wardley maps generator

Wardley Maps Generator written in Golang. The generator takes an HCL based map description and generates a map in SVG format. If viewed on a browser, the SVG will have hover over functionality to get additional details on node descriptions.


$ ./go-wardley -f examples/map.hcl
Updated file: examples/map.svg

$ ./go-wardley -f examples/map.hcl -o examples/map.svg
Updated file: examples/map.svg

# Watch for file changes and update the file automatically.
$ ./go-wardley -f examples/map.hcl --watch
Starting watcher on: examples
Updated file: examples/map.svg
Updated file: examples/map.svg

# Serve the file on a webserver in localhost:8080 by default
# Update the drawing by refreshing the page.
$ ./go-wardley -f examples/map.hcl --serve
Serving content on: http://localhost:8080
$ ./go-wardley -f examples/map.hcl --serve 6060
Serving content on: http://localhost:6060

Element types


size {
	width     = 1280
	height    = 768
	margin    = 40
	font_size = 9


node user {
	label       = "User"        # Required
	visibility  = 1             # Required
	evolution   = "custom"      # Required
	x           = 1             # Required
	description = "Description"
	fill        = "black"
	color       = "black"

genesis, custom, product or commodity.


connector {
	from  = "user"        # Required
	to    = "vcs"         # Required
	label = "Description"
	color = "black"
	type  = "normal"

normal, bold, change or change-inertia.

Example input

A more extensive example can be found in ./examples/map.hcl.

# Anchor
node user {
	label       = "User"
	visibility  = 1
	evolution   = "custom"
	x           = 1
	description = "User Description"
	fill        = "black"

node vcs {
	label       = "On Prem VCS"
	visibility  = node.user.visibility + 1
	evolution   = "product"
	x           = 1
	description = "On prem VCS"
	fill        = "black"

node code_commit {
	label       = "Code Commit Mirror"
	visibility  = node.vcs.visibility
	evolution   = "commodity"
	x           = 1
	description = "Allows Code Pipeline to access the code."
	color       = "red"

connector {
	from = "user"
	to   = "vcs"

connector {
	from = "vcs"
	to   = "code_commit"
	color = "red"
	type = "change-inertia"


  • Make the node label optional, read the node ID if not present and title case it (configurable?).

  • Add an optional leyend box indicating the types of elements used in the map.

  • Better looks overall. Cleaner code.

  • Allow specifying node, connector and grid font sizes independently.

  • Arch type connector.


This file is part of go-wardley.

Copyright © 2019-2020 David Gamba Rios

This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file, You can obtain one at