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Using zip based functions in Netlify
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Netlify function zips   

  1. Create a functions folder

    mkdir functions
  2. Create a sub folder with a function and a package.json file with its dependancies

    The function (right now) needs to have the same name as the folder that contains it.

    Like so: /functions/one/one.js

        one.js <-- function code
        package.json <-- function dependencies
  3. Configure your build directory for functions in netlify.toml

    # netlify.toml file
    command = "npm run build"
    publish = "build" # <-- Frontend build dir
    functions = "functions-build" # <-- Functions build dir
  4. During your build, Zip up the function and dependancies and place in functions dist folder functions-build

Future Plans

We are working on streamlining the zips based function flow with a single CLI command!

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