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Barcode Stock

A native android app to scan and store barcodes linked with products information metadata like price, VAT, name and descriptions

If you're curious what the app looks like scroll down to the In-app screenshots section

Reporting Bugs / Suggesting Features

If you're having issues with the app or you would like to suggest a new feature, please consider opening a new bug report thread on the issue tracker.

Support the project

You can support me through either monthly on Patreon or one-time donations on Paypal

I've never used github / How do I install it?

To install this application you need to give your phone permissions to install apps from outside the Play Store, you can do so in the settings or just wait for your phone to prompt you to give permissions when you actually install the app:

  • Download the .apk file of the latest version from
  • Once downloaded open it from your phone's Download folder
  • Give your phone permissions to install non play store apps
  • Touch Install and wait for your phone to install the app
  • Open and use the app

Why isn't this app on the Play Store?

It started as personal app I made for a fellow friend who needed something like this to store products barcodes and metadata while only using a single app; So I'm not expecting it to become a popular app or project, although if more users become interested in this I may release it on the Play Store in the future

In-app screenshots