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Just another Switch homebrew Pong game build in Devkitpro
C++ Makefile
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Switch Pong

Made in memory of my old Wii Pong game a new version for the Switch.
alt text
Download here the Binary build for your switch.

Game Play.
Youtube link for gameplay.

Homebrew Menu: alt text

Splash Screen.
alt text Need to dig up the original graphics, but this is the first Game demo I made for a switch.
( Heavy Modded source code ) .

Main Menu.
alt text

If I compile Past bin error I-EAT-CHEEZE-YO version I get compile errors.

#Change the Libs:

Most homebrew Switch project that use SDL have broken Makefiles
Because there where some changes made in the new update of SDL2.

So you need to edit the Libary in the Makefile

" LIBS := -lSDL2_mixer -lSDL2
-lpng -lz -ljpeg -lglad -lEGL -lglapi -ldrm_nouveau
-lmikmod -lvorbisidec -logg -lmpg123 -lmodplug -lstdc++
-lnx -lm -lfreetype -lbz2 aarch64-none-elf-pkg-config SDL2_ttf SDL2_image SDL2_gfx --libs SDL2_mixer "

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