CoreML and Keras implementation of Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Network (SRCNN)
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Implementation of Super Resolution (SR) with CoreML and Swift. You can use SR method in your app using SRCNNKit UIImageView extension.

For details, see the following presentaion:

Pre trained model

Sorry, this project dosen't contain *.mlmodel yet. You should train your own model and import SRCNN.mlmodel to your project.



import SRCNNKit

let imageView: UIImageView = ...
let image: UIImage = ...



  • Copy sources to your project.
  • CocoaPods and Carthage will be supported soon.


  • iOS11
  • Xcode9.x

Run sample project

  • Copy your SRCNN.mlmodel to model directory
  • Run following command:
git submodule init
git submodule update
  • Open SRCNN-ios/SRCNN-ios.xcodeproj and Run

Train Your own model


  • Python 3.0+
  • see script/packages.txt

Convert Training Data

cd script
python3 <original train image dir> <train data dir>
python3 <original validation image dir> <validation data dir>


python3 <tf log dir> <model output dir> <train data dir> <validation data dir>

Plot Model Image

python <.h5 model path> <output dir>

Convert Keras to CoreML Model

python3 <h5 mode path> <output dir>

Validate CoreML Model

python3 <mlmodel path> <input patch image path> <output patch image path>



SRCNNKit is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

Copyright © 2018 DeNA Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.