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Add dependabot Push #8: Pull request #145 opened by wrt54g
Jul 5, 2022 Action required wrt54g:dependabot
Jul 5, 2022 Action required
strip dots at the end of a URL Push #4: Commit 74fb94d pushed by stapelberg
Apr 22, 2022 53s master
Apr 22, 2022 53s
also ignore .nobackup Push #3: Commit 38831b8 pushed by stapelberg
Aug 19, 2021 59s master
Aug 19, 2021 59s
skip files when looking for binary packages Push #2: Commit b160762 pushed by stapelberg
Aug 18, 2021 47s master
Aug 18, 2021 47s
switch from Travis to GitHub Actions Push #1: Commit 7f03646 pushed by stapelberg
Aug 18, 2021 53s master
Aug 18, 2021 53s