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This repository is where we keep track of the versioning of our internet draft:**.txt

If you would like to suggest a change, you can open an issue on and discuss your proposal with the spec authors.


To build for instance version 04, run:

    node build.js > draft-dejong-decentralized-sharing-04.txt


This draft proposes to structure and list what is a decentralized sharing between persons from server-to-server by identifying the steps and the associated challenges.

There is no consensus yet on how to share documents privately over the internet, in such a way that recipient(s) are notified, but other people cannot retrieve the document, nor discover its existence.

This draft does not propose one universal solution, but rather lists what puzzle pieces we are aware of, and what options may exist to put them together. We expect this document could be used as a guideline for an interoperable sharing between decentralized platforms.