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How to install and use genkomodo.php?

genkomodo.php can be used for generate addresses and WIFs (private keys) from Agama / Iguana passphrase for a different coins. Coin params can be taken from chainparams.cpp of each coin, for example, for Komodo (KMD) needed params (pubkey_address, script_address, secret_key) located here. To add new coin in script we just need to fill it here.

Installation instructions

Script can be used on any PC, but highly recommended to use separate offline PC for generating WIFs.

git clone
cd komodo_scripts
git submodule init
git submodule update --init --recursive
sudo apt install php7.2-cli php7.2-gmp php7.2-mbstring

How to run?

1. edit genkomodo.php and fill your passphrase instead of $passphrase = "myverysecretandstrongpassphrase_noneabletobrute";
2. php genkomodo.php
3. Write down WIFs and/or addresses taken from your passphrase.
4. Delete your passphrase from genkomodo.php for security purposes.
5. Import taken WIFs to coin daemons.

Example of output:


  • Q. Where should i find Keccak256.php needed by genkomodo.php script?
    A. You don't need to search it in other repoes, just clone this one, as described in installation steps. Repo contains all needed for genkomodo.php work.
  • Q. I have a Desktop version of Linux, is any GUI tool with same functionallity provided?
    A. Yes, it's called address_gen and have similar functionallity. Note, that php script can be used on server and desktop systems as well, but address_gen tool is only for desktop systems. Don't try to run it on server without gui installed.

Run php scripts using docker

./ genkomodo.php

Other scripts short description

Script Description
... ...


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