Atlas is the Deloitte Digital Framework for Sitecore Development
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Atlas - The Deloitte Digital Sitecore Framework

Atlas is the Deloitte Digital Framework for Sitecore Development. It consists of a collection of lightweight tools that can reduce development time and improve code quality in your CMS implementations.

The features in Atlas include:

  • Sitecore ORM (maps Sitecore items to POCOs)
  • Field Rendering (a clean, fluid syntax for Experience Editor enabled mapped fields)
  • A structured approach to view renderings (adds consistency, reduces bugs)
  • An implementation for dynamic placeholders
  • Multi-site implementation helpers

For a full list of features and documentation on each, refer to the wiki section of this repository.

Getting Started

Install via Nuget

To install via NuGet, enter:

Install-Package DeloitteDigital.Atlas

Refer to the Package page on NuGet for details.


  • Install the NuGet package as outlined above
  • Enable the feature you want to use (refer to the wiki for details)

Change log

1.0.1 - 7 December 2017

  • Add synchronisation around initial model mapping to resolve potential race condition (issue #7)
  • Remove usage of a SecurityDisabler within the GetFieldValueAsItem() extension method (issue #11)
  • Remove unnecessary logging (issue #8)
  • Remove LinkFieldStyle class from framework as it is not a particularly reusable component (issue #2)

1.0.0 - 23 November 2016

  • Migrate from DSF (Deloitte Sitecore Framework) 1.3.8 hosted internally to GitHub as DeloitteDigital.Atlas.

Want to contribute?

  • Got an amazing idea to make Atlas better?
  • Found an annoying bug?

Please don't hesitate to raise an issue through GitHub or open a pull request to show off your fancy pants coding skills - we'll really appreciate it! Questions or other feedback - get in touch with the team via

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