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Anyone able to demonstrate his or her own identity under a decentralized protocol referred to as ''Proof of Identity'' (POI) can operate with a corresponding share of ''votes''. This mechanism will trigger an allocation throughout time in the claimed public address of the identity which is accessible through a self-hosted wallet connected to the content and data used for the POI. If sufficient ''votes'' validate the evidence used for the ''Proof of Identity'', the wallet will unfreeze a corresponding amount of ''votes'' following the rules of a ''Universal Basic Income'' dynamic that allocates tokens throughout time using the Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain as a universal clock (where every block has a timestamp, and the time difference between blocks is engineered to target an average interval).

(===3.2 Proof of Identity.===
===3.2 Proof of Identity.===

A self-sovereign identity must be voluntarily generated by a user claiming it. For this purpose the user must broadcast a proof of his or her identity that strictly satisfies a criteria that can be met by human judgment and able to avoid an artificial intelligence from interfering with the process. Hence, the proof shall be in a format that requires a large amount of cerebral bandwidth: video. A satisfactory proof shall meet all of these properties:

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