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CocoaPods sorted search

CocoaPods plugin which adds a sort subcommand for pod search to sort search results by amount of stars, forks, or github activity.


pod search sort POD_NAME


  • --stars - sort by stars - default
  • --forks - sort by forks
  • --activity - sort by most recent commits


[sudo] gem install cocoapods-sorted-search

Setting up github token

  1. Go to GitHub settings -> Applications -> Personal Access Tokens
  2. Generate new one and uncheck all scopes. It should look like this.
  3. Run pod setup github --token=MyToken

Your token will be stored in OS X Keychain and used automatically for fetching GitHub info for repositories.

Original sort parameters

Original sort parameters are supported too! So if you want to go crazy, and search for all Ruby stuff, that exists on iOS, you can do stuff like this:

pod search --ios --full sort Ruby



  • CocoaPods 0.36 and higher
  • Ruby 1.9.3 and higher


First of, read troubleshooting wiki page. If something still not right, post issue on GitHub to let me know!