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New prophet, called Shada.
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Depado committed Mar 2, 2018
2 parents 23d6206 + 7cf727b commit 7fe9b570206b38296a0e5e1533a43ac1a8550dd7
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  1. +1 −0 jagon/jagon.go
@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ func Apostles(c *gin.Context) {
gin.H{"name": "Hekmon", "alive": true, "location": "In a dark underground temple, accompanied by a dwarf, an elf and a Shiba Inu."},
gin.H{"name": "Thonain", "alive": true, "location": "In the back of a seedy, dark and smelly alley, right near a drunk's vomit from last night."},
gin.H{"name": "Grovek", "alive": true, "location": "In the fresh forest of Ubud, living in a mushroom-like stone house."},
gin.H{"name": "Shada", "alive": true, "location": "In a castle built from sand near the ocean, the castle is somewhat indestructible."},

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