How to setup server for Rails 5 App
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Deploy.RB / SetupServer

This is a part of the Deploy.RB project.

Deploy.RB consists of:

  1. Rails 5 App
  2. Server Installation Script & Manual (You are here)
  3. Deployment Tool

Please, visit Deploy.RB page to get more information.



  1. How to generate new SSH keys (

Digital Ocean

Debian 8.5 x64

  1. How to create a server
  2. How to setup a server

For contributors

New samples are welcome!

If you can describe an installation process for your favorite hosting service and OS, please, help improve this project.

There are you can find examples of:

  1. Installation script and USAGE: 4. Download and run Installation script
  2. Check soft script and USAGE: 7. Check Installed software

This project was created for demo purposes. Please, do everything so simple as it possible.