DerelictBgfx is a dynamic binding to the bgfx library, which abstracts the graphics API.
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A dynamic binding to bgfx for the D Programming Language.

Warning: these bindings do not come with bgfx binaries.

Note: this DerelictBgfx binding commit is in sync with bgfx Apr 10, 2016 commit titled "Cleanup."

More information on how to build bgfx is available here:

Please see the pages Building and Linking Derelict and Using Derelict, or information on how to build DerelictBgfx and load the bgfx library at run time. In the meantime, here's some sample code.

import derelict.bgfx.bgfx;

void main() {
    // Load the bgfx library.

    // Now bgfx functions can be called.