A simple, lightweight editor for the Panda3D engine.
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A simple, lightweight editor for the Panda3D engine.

Features include:

  • Ability to add lights and models to a scene
  • Gizmos to allow easy transformation of nodes
  • Ability to edit node properties
  • Node duplication
  • Undo / redo
  • Project management, including ablity to build a project to a p3d multifile
  • Save / restore scene in xml format
  • Support for user created plugins


Once you have wxPython installed you should be able to start the editor from panda3d-editor\src\main.py. No additional python path modification is necessary. If you are trying to run your project main.py without building to p3d, you will need the following directories to be found on PYTHONPATH:

  • src\p3d
  • src\pandaEditor\game


  • Panda3D
  • wxPython


To give the editor a spin, try the following:

  • Create a new project (File -> Project -> New)
  • Import .egg or .bam files to your project (File -> Import...)
  • Middle mouse drag them into the scene from the resource panel under models/
  • Translate, rotate and scale them as your desire
  • Set up some lights (Create -> Lights)
  • Save the scene as test.xml (File -> Save)
  • Build your project (File -> Build) You should now have a p3d file which runs your scene.


  • 4 - Wireframe view
  • 5 - Shaded view
  • 6 - Textured view
  • Q - Select
  • W - Translate
  • E - Rotate
  • R - Scale
  • Z - Undo
  • Shift-Z - Redo
  • F - Frame selection
  • Backspace - Delete
  • Ctrl-D - Duplicate
  • Arrow up - Select parent
  • Arrow down - Select child
  • Arrow left - Select previous child
  • Arrow right - Select next child
  • Mouse left - Pointing and selecting
  • Middle mouse - Your "doing" button. Use then to reparent nodes in the scene graph, or drag-drop models into the scene.