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User Voice

Feature requests can be created under the issues tab, we will review and label requests once per week.

👍View the most voted issues here.

Labels explanation

  • under review: Any new feature request
  • planned: We will start working on it.
  • backlog: This feature fits our vision but it will not be implemented within this quarter.
  • started: This feature is underway
  • completed: Feature has been implemented
  • declined: If request doesn't fit with our roadmap, we will decline it with explaination.


To vote on a feature request you would like to see implemented, you can "react" to the first comment of the issue and select the thumbs up. To do this, click on the emoji icon on the top right side of the comment.

Rule / Policy

  • One topic per issue. So other customer can vote and discuss around that topic.
  • Only feature request, not bug report. Please report bug to support.
  • Feature request against beta product will be considered afterward. If it is related to feedback. please report to support, so we can consider before even released.
  • Please describe reason for any request or feedback. Use working backwards to describe reason. Provide reasoning is more important than providing solution. Request with good reasoning will be easier and faster to process through than the one only provided solution.


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