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This repository contains demo applications that support .Net Core 3.
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.Net Core 3 WPF Demos

This repository contains the DevExpress demo applications that target .Net Core 3:

  • Outlook-Inspired App
  • Hybrid App
  • Mail Client
  • Realtor World


Install the following software to build and run the demo application:

Getting started

Clone the repository to a working folder, navigate to './src'.

Open a solution in Visual Studio.

Before you build the solution, ensure that the 'Use previews of the .NET Core SDK' option is enabled. You can find this setting from the Visual Studio main menu:

  • In Visual Studio 2019 version 16.1+: Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Preview Features
  • In Visual Studio 2019 version 16.0: Tools -> Options -> Project and Solutions -> .NET Core

Integrate DevExpress WPF Controls into a .NET Core 3 application

You need the DevExpress NuGet packages to create a .Net Core 3 project. Follow the steps below to add the packages to a solution:

  1. Register the DevExpress Early Access feed in Visual Studio's NuGet Package Manager. Note that you should enable the Include prerelease option.

  2. Install the DevExpress.WindowsDesktop.Wpf package for .Net Core 3.


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