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@@ -5,9 +5,10 @@ common/ scripts, configuration and miscelaneous files for the project
experiments/ experiments and results
extern/ embedded dependencies
HMS/ High-level Management System folder
-HMS/control/ modules for the concept learning part (from Joachim's repository)
+HMS/control/ and
+HMS/cogmod/ modules for concept learning from Joachim's repository
RAS/ Robotic Animation System folder
-RAS/eyes/ eye animation engine (currently a place holder since eye animation is handled by face)
+RAS/eyes/ eye animation engine (place holder since eyes handled by face)
RAS/face/ facial animation engine(s)
RAS/spine/ includes thorax, neck and head movements
RAS/vision/ image sensor and processing classes
@@ -29,11 +29,11 @@ Requirements (In this order):
-If you wish to use the vision module, change to the extern folder, then get
-pyvision svn at .
-This requires:
-- PIL for Python (
-- SciPy for Python (
+If you wish to use the vision module, you need pyvision.
+To set this up properly, change to the extern folder, then get pyvision svn:
+svn co pyvision-svn
+The symlink extern/pyvision is already provided and points to pyvision sources.
Running the software:
1 extern/pyvision

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