Converts Spriter .scml files to Unity prefabs
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Converts Spriter .scml files to Unity prefabs

Version 1.0.4

Download the Unity Package here:

!!!Requires Unity 5.x!!!

Use Instructions:

  1. Import the package into your Unity project (just drag and drop it into your Project view).
  2. Import your entire Spriter project folder (including all the textures) into your Unity project
  3. The converter should automatically create a prefab (with nested animations) and an AnimatorController
  4. When you make any changes to the .scml file, the converter will attempt to update existing assets if they exist
  5. If the update causes irregular behaviour, try deleting the original assets and then reimporting the .scml file


-AnimationEvents are now preserved between reimports
-SpriteSwapper renamed to TextureController to avoid confusion
-Fixed a z-position issue with the SortingOrderUpdater
-Fixed an issue where flipped (negative-scaled) bones caused child sprites to appear out of place and in odd angles
-Added a toggle to the Entity Renderer that allows you to apply the .scml file's Z-index to the order-in-layer property of the Sprite Renderers
-Removed Spriter2UnityDX components from the Add Component menu, since they are automatically added or removed through script
-Fixed an issue where sprites appeared distorted when resizing bones.
-Exceptions are wrapped up nicely and no longer abort the whole process
-Now adds AnimationClips to existing AnimatorStates if they exist
-Autosaves no longer trigger the importer
Fixes: -Fixed an issue where the sprite's Z orders would get messed up if the sprite is moved during animation
Features: -Z order can now be mutated during animation
v1.0: Initial version