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Multiscale Modelling Tool - mathematical modelling without the maths
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MuMoT: Multiscale Modelling Tool

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Introduction / overview

MuMoT (Multiscale Modelling Tool) is a tool designed to allow sophisticated mathematical modelling and analysis, without writing equations - the class of models that can be represented is broad, ranging from chemical reaction kinetics to demography and collective behaviour - by using a web-based interactive interface with minimal coding, rapid development and exploration of models is facilitated - the tool may also be particularly useful for pedagogical demonstrations.


See for

  • How to get started with MuMoT, including how to use MuMoT online without installing anything on your own machine.
  • Installation instructions, should you want to install it on your own machine.
  • Development: how to report issues and how to contribute to the project.
  • Information about MuMoT including contributors, acknowledgements, and citation details.
  • API documentation.
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