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Jekyll Code of the new website


Short: Use Jekyll.

Long: This may be arbitrary hard, depending on your Operating System and how fucked up your ruby installation is, to re-install ruby and install the proper version see following guides:

Debian / Ubuntu

# ruby installation stuff:
sudo apt remove ruby   # um ruby einmal zu deinstallieren, eigentlich nicht nötig im idealfall
sudo apt install ruby  # oder sudo apt --upgrade ruby
# read output!
# maybe you'll have to add ruby to some path and reload your bashrc
which gem  # should lie in same folder as following:
which ruby
ruby --version  # should be the one installed above
# Bundle stuff:
cd ""
git pull  # make sure to be on master, pull latest version :)
gem install bundler   # should run successfully then
bundle install  # you have to be in the repository
bundle exec jekyll serve  # should run now on


same as above but use homebrew instead of apt.


you're lost anyways, I don't know how to handle that odyssee.

Windows with WSL Ubuntu

# clone "" to a directory without any spaces!
# start wsl in the directory
# install ruby and packages for gem creation
sudo apt install bundler ruby ruby-dev make gcc g++
# configure to install gems locally (don't clutter wsl and system dirs)
bundle config set --local path './ruby-packages/'
# you might have to add the following to _config.yaml:
# exclude: ['ruby-packages']
bundle install
bundle exec jekyll serve --force-polling # should run now on
# the Port is available on Windows, just use your normal browser without wsl