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release v1.0.0 license MIT Mathematica 9-11

An alternative to the ErrorBar Plotting Package included in Mathematica. It allows for log-scale plotting and a freer syntax.


The package provides a family of functions ErrorPlot, ErrorLogPlot, ErrorLogLinearPlot, and ErrorLogLogPlot which extend the functionality of the ListPlot family to plot data with error bars.

Usage example

A brief overview:

alt tag

This simple example is easy to generalize as if working with ListPlot. Some new options also allow for customizing the error bars' graphic style.


There are various installation methods available.

Automatic installation

To install the ErrorPlot package evaluate:


This method uses MathematicaBootstrapInstaller and will also install the ProjectInstaller package if you don't have it already installed.

To load the ErrorPlot package evaluate: Needs["ErrorPlot`"].

Manual installation

  1. Download latest released file.

  2. Extract downloaded to any directory which is on the Mathematica $Path, e.g. to install for the current user FileNameJoin[{$UserBaseDirectory,"Applications"}], for all users FileNameJoin[{$BaseDirectory,"Applications"}].

  3. To load the package evaluate: Needs["ErrorPlot`"].

No installation

To use package directly from the Web, without installation, evaluate:


Note that with this method of initialization package documentation will not be available in Mathematica Documentation Center.

Paclet server

The package is also available from this Mathematica Paclet Server. Check the automated installation instructions here.


This application comes with documentation integrated with the Mathematica Documentation Center. After installation search for "ErrorPlot" in documentation center or press F1 key with cursor on name of any of symbols introduced by this application.


The package has been tested with Mathematica versions from 9.0 to 11.3 on Windows and Linux. It will probably work in Mathematica 6.0+, but it has not been tested. If you do so, please let me know.


If you find any bugs or have a feature request you may create an issue on GitHub.

Feel free to fork and send pull requests, all contributions are welcome.


This package is released under The MIT License.


Releases of this package will be numbered using Semantic Versioning guidelines.