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DijkstraCoin (Dijkstra) is a new digitally encrypted currency, which adopts a typical algorithm of shortest path, to calculate the shortest path from node to node. The characteristics of the network expands from the centre outwards, layer by layer, until it reaches the end. CPU + GPU mining model ensures equal distribution of benefits of the miners, and to bring in recognition algorithms will effectively prevent automated mining pool access, and effectively resist ASIC mining machine, which saves more than 50% energy than scrypt, meaning it’s more environmentally friendly. Combining POW + POS technologies, and utilising the method of acquired stake in the equity allocation will ensure sustainable earnings. Dijkstra algorithm, with its efficient calculating ability, expedites P2P transactions, and achieves instant money transfer. That said, it brings more benefits when it’s for the commercial use.

Total coins: 840 million

PoW Algorithm: DIJKSTRA

CPU/GPU mining

PoW Total blocks: 60,000

PoW Max coins:

0-30,000block 8,000DKC

30,000-50,000block 5,000DKC

50,000-60,000block 3,000DKC

Block Target: 30 seconds

Difficulty: Every block

PoW ends 21 days from launch. PoW + PoS PoS variable interests:

1 year: 30%
2 year: 20%
3 year: 10%
4~ year: 5%

Ports: P2P: 22705 RPC: 22706