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A Hacker News reader in Swift using the best features of both the language and iOS 8 latest API (well, that's the end goal)


SwiftHN is now available on the App Store! I've renamed it to HN Reader for obvious reason.




Clone this repository.

$ git clone --recursive

Incase you cloned the repository without the recursive option, you will have to manually install the HackerSwifter submodule.

$ cd SwiftHN
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Open using Xcode.

$ open SwiftHN.xcodeproj


  • Now link with its own Hacker News Swift scrapping library, HackerSwifter. This is still a work in progress but it support the most basic features. This is linked as a submodule, so be sure to clone it too (I'm looking at you Github for Mac)
  • The podfile is now useless, you may still run pod install to setup the project.
  • A basic UI which respect latest Apple guidelines
  • Use Swift features such as extension, framework, etc...
  • Display HN home categories (Top, Ask, Jobs..)
  • Load and display comments per posts.
  • Load and display posts per user
  • Share, Add to reading list, read in webview
  • Live view rendering in Interface Builder
  • Class Extensions
  • Today and share extensions
  • Clean design pattern
  • More...

The app is in progress, but already functional, you can read the newsfeed, send article to the Safari Reading List, view the article in a webview, and load comments.

You can contribute to the app, just do a pull request. You can even contribute to the design in Sketch if you want!

Planned features

  • Login
  • Settings
  • Upvote post & comments
  • Post comments
  • Today extension which show 3 latest posts in notification center
  • Safari/Share extension to post a page to Hacker News