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Five Nights at Home 1

This repository is for the game itself. Bug reports go here.
If you want to view its docs or submit a suggestion, go to DimitrodAM/FNaH-1-Meta.

This is the home of FNaH 1. It currently consists of tests and will be rewritten from scratch once development of the release version begins, however these tests show ideas and it is likely that some of their code will be reused in the release.


Exported versions of the tests can be found on the releases page. Download the executable for your platform as well as the .pck file which you should put in the same directory and then run the executable.


Bug reports and fixes go here. Proposals go to the meta repository, and if they’re approved you can submit a pull request in this repository.


The source code is licensed under the GPL-3.0 License and the assets owned by DimitrodAM are are licensed under CC BY 4.0.