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# AB3DC's QSL Card Design Template

This is the design I used for my amateur radio QSL cards. File format is PSD and is for the 3.5" x 5.5" standard QSL card size.
These cards were made based on the template as I found their service to be the cheapest.

**Please enable the gotPrint_Guides layer to view the guides.**

For printing at GotPrint:
1. Go to [](
2. Choose Size: 3.5x5.5
3. Choose Paper: <I used the 14pt. Gloss Coated Cover with UV Coating>
4. Choose Color: <I chose Color Front, B&W back. The B&W back will not include the glossy UV coating>
5. Select quantity
6. Standard Turn-Around Time
7. Upload: Instant Online Proof

Also note that this card does not confine to the USPS standards to be send as a postcard. I will work on creating a postcard version when time permits.


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