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A Python class for checking the status of an enabled Minecraft server
Latest commit 2a29e13 @Dinnerbone Version to 2.1


mcstatus provides an easy way to query Minecraft servers for any information they can expose. It provides three modes of access (query, status and ping), the differences of which are listed below in usage.


from mcstatus import MinecraftServer

# If you know the host and port, you may skip this and use MinecraftServer("", 1234)
server = MinecraftServer.lookup("")

# 'status' is supported by all Minecraft servers that are version 1.7 or higher.
status = server.status()
print("The server has {0} players and replied in {1} ms".format(, status.latency))

# 'ping' is supported by all Minecraft servers that are version 1.7 or higher.
# It is included in a 'status' call, but is exposed separate if you do not require the additional info.
latency =
print("The server replied in {0} ms".format(latency))

# 'query' has to be enabled in a servers' file.
# It may give more information than a ping, such as a full player list or mod information.
query = server.query()
print("The server has the following players online: {0}".format(", ".join(query.players.names)))


mcstatus is available on pypi, and can be installed trivially with:

pip install mcstatus

Alternatively, just clone this repo!


mcstatus is licensed under Apache 2.0.

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