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A PHP LDAP package made for humans
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Working with LDAP doesn't need to be hard.

LdapRecord leverages the ActiveRecord pattern to make working with LDAP directories a breeze.

Quickstart · Documentation

Up and Running Fast.

Connect to your LDAP servers and start running queries at lightning speed.

💡 Fluent Filter Builder.

Find the LDAP objects you're looking for with a fluent LDAP filter builder.

💼 Multi-Domain Ready.

Built-in connection management allows you to access multiple domains without breaking a sweat.

🔥 Supercharged ActiveRecord.

Create and modify LDAP objects with minimal code.

LdapRecord is Sponsorware™

If you really enjoy using LdapRecord, a sponsorship would mean the world 🙏

Thank you for your consideration ❤️

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