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DP Cookie Consent

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This Plugin includes the most popular solution to the EU Cookie law JavaScript Plugin (Cookie Consent)[]. I extend a Script helper, so work with the ePrivacy law.

Though don't care about the latest EU laws and handle you Cookies with this Plugins.



plugin.tx_cookieconsent.settings {
    # PID to Data Protection
    url =
    # Layout
    theme = edgeless
    # Position
    position = bottom-right
    # dismiss on scroll (in PX)
    dismissOnScroll =
    # Type (info, opt-out)
    type = opt-out
    palette {
        popup {
            # Bar: Background color
            background = #2473be
            # Bar: text color
            text = #fff
        button {
            # Button: Background color
            background = #f96332
            # Button: text color
            text = #fff


set you own language values

plugin.tx_dp_cookieconsent._LOCAL_LANG {
    de {
        message = XXX
        dismiss = XXX
        link = XXX

If you are from a country other than Germany, let me know your legal text and I will mark it for the next version



This Plugin extends the Config from (CS_SEO)[] so that the Google analytics script, tag manager and piwiki will fire after the Cookie is accepted.

load scripts after accepting

load script sources If you want to load JavaScript resources after the Cookie is accepted you can use this snipped

<script data-ignore="1" data-cookieconsent="statistics" type="text/plain" data-src="{YOUR_LINK_TO_JS}"></script>

load inline script If you want to load Inline JavaScript after the Cookie is accepted use this snipped.

<script data-ignore="1" data-cookieconsent="statistics" type="text/plain">

The data-ignore="1" attribute ist to cover the (Scriptmerger)[] engine to not Combine this parts.

Please give us feedback

We would appreciate any kind of feedback or ideas for further developments to keep improving the extension for your needs.

Contact us

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