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This document aims clarify what level of support you can expect when using GoSublime. Use of GoSublime assumes you've read and understood all the points herein.

Discussion of support and this file in particular are tracked here:

Sublime Text

  • Sublime Text 2 is not supported.
  • It's several years old at this point and Sublime HQ does not respond to my support requests.
  • Furthermore, they've changed the default download link to Sublime Text 3 implying they do not support it either.

If you have a good reason to not upgrade to Sublime Text 3, discuss it here


  • It is assumed that you are experienced with Sublime Text, basic key bindings, its settings system, etc.
  • It is assumed that you already have a working Go installation:
  • You are expect to have read and understand the contents of the files: GoSublime.sublime-settings, and

Sublime Text's Go package

  • I disable the built-in Go package so I do not test for compatibility or conflicts with GoSublime.

Package Control

  • I do not use Package Control and therefore not able to offer support for any issue related to it.
  • As a user, you are expected take care when updating GoSublime.
  • You are advised not to utomatically update GoSublime.


Please not that GoSublime is backed by a Go program named MarGo to which the following points apply.

  • The minimum supported version of Go is go1.6.
  • Older versions of Go might be able to compile MarGo without issue, but I will not test these older versions.
  • I also do not test the gccgo, llvm, etc. tool-chains. Only the main gc tool-chain is supported.
  • MarGo should not require a cgo-enabled Go installation, but I do not test installations with it disabled.

Operating Systems

  • I only test Linux.
  • Windows and OS X should work without issue, but I do not test anything on them.


Please note:

  • GoSublime uses its own fork of gocode so any installation on your system is ignored.
  • By default fmt is achieved through direct use of the packages in the stdlib and not the binaries on your system.

I do not use the following tools and do not test for compatibility with them:

  • GVM or any other Go version manager
  • GB or any other other alternative to the go tool
  • goimports, the gofmt/go fmt binary or any other gofmt alternative
  • If you use the fmt_cmd setting with goimports or any other slow command you should read and understand the ipc_timeout setting documented in GoSublime.sublime-settings