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A Golang plugin collection for the text editor SublimeText 2 providing code completion and other IDE-like features.
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Click here to lend your support to: GoSublime and make a donation at !


GoSublime is a Golang plugin collection for the text editor SublimeText providing code completion and other IDE-like features. Both Sublime Text versions 2 and 3 are supported.


  • code completion from Gocode
  • context aware snippets via the code-completion popup to complement the existing SublimeText Go package.
  • sublime build system(ctrl+b) integrating with GoSublime 9o command prompt
  • lint/syntax check as you type
  • quickly jump to any syntax error reported (and jump back to where you were before (across files))
  • quickly fmt your source or automatically on save to conform with the Go standards
  • easily create a new go file and run it without needing to save it first (9o replay)
  • share your snippets (anything in the loaded file) on
  • list declarations in the current file
  • automatically add/remove package imports
  • quickly jump your import section(automatically goes to the last import) where you can easily edit the pkg alias and return to where you were before
  • go to definition of a package function or constant, etc.
  • show the source(and thus documentation) of a variable without needing to change views



Sublime Package Control allows you to easily install or remove GoSublime (and many other ST2 packages) from within the editor. It offers automatically updating packages as well so you no longer need to keep track of changes in GoSublime.

  1. Install Sublime Package Control (if you haven't done so already) from . Be sure to restart ST2 to complete the installation.

  2. Bring up the command palette (default ctrl+shift+p or cmd+shift+p) and start typing Package Control: Install Package then press return or click on that option to activate it. You will be presented with a new Quick Panel with the list of available packages. Type GoSublime and press return or on its entry to install GoSublime. If there is no entry for GoSublime, you most likely already have it installed.


Please see and for general usage and other tips for effective usage of GoSublime

NOTE GoCode is entirely integrated into GoSublime/MarGo. If you see any bugs related to completion, assume they are GoSublime's bugs and I will forward bug reports as necessary.


You can customize the behaviour of GoSublime by creating a settings file in your User package. This can be accessed from within SublimeText by going to the menu Preferences > Browse Packages.... Create a file named GoSublime.sublime-settings or alternatively copy the default settings file Packages/GoSublime/GoSublime.sublime-settings to your User package and edit it to your liking.

Note: File names are case-sensitive on some platforms (e.g. Linux) so the file name should be exactly GoSublime.sublime-settings with capitalization preserved.

Completion Markers

The following letters are used as suffix for entries in the completion list.

  • ʂ - Snippets. These snippets are provided by GoSublime and should not be confused with SublimeText's snippets. Furthermore, they are context sensitive, therefore the snippets provided in the global scope will be different to those provided in function scope.

  • ν - Variables

  • ʈ - User-defined types, structs, maps, slices, etc.

  • Ɩ - Constants

  • ƒ - Functions

  • ρ - Packages

Copyright, License & Contributors

GoSublime and MarGo are released under the MIT license. See

GoSublime is the copyrighted work of The GoSublime Authors i.e me ( and all contributors. If you submit a change, be it documentation or code, so long as it's committed to GoSublime's history I consider you a contributor. See for a list of all the GoSublime authors/contributors.

GoSublime bundles several dependencies, these all reside under the directory tree something_borrowed/ and are the copyright of their respective authors.


GoSublime has received support from many kind individuals and as a thank you I've added most to file as a way of saying Thank You. Some donors donated anonymously and so are not listed, however, if you donated and either I have not yet sent you an email personally thanking you or you would otherwise like to be added, please don't hesitate to contact me

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