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GoSublime is an IDE-like plugin for Sublime Text 3 mainly, but not limited to, providing integration for most of your Go/Golang development tools.

See for a brief introduction to margo, the engine behind GoSublime.

Installation & Support

See for instructions on how to install GoSublime.

See for details about what level of support you can expect while using GoSublime.


  • code completion from Gocode (fork);
  • context aware snippets via the code-completion popup;
  • sublime build system(ctrl+b) integrating with GoSublime 9o command prompt with live command output;
  • lint/syntax check as you type or on save;
  • quickly jump to any linter error reported in any open file or package;
  • quickly fmt your source or automatically on save to conform with your coding standards;
  • easily create a new go file and run it without needing to save it first (9o replay);
  • share your snippets (anything in the loaded file) on;
  • list declarations in the current file or package;
  • automatically add/remove package imports;
  • quickly jump your import section(automatically goes to the last import) where you can easily edit the pkg alias and return to where you were before;
  • go to definition of a package function or constant, etc.;
  • create your own margo extensions in Go to e.g. add context-aware commands to the command palette.


Copyright, License & Contributors

margo and GoSublime are released under the MIT license. See

Thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].


GoSublime has received support from many kind individuals and as a thank you I've added most to file as a way of saying Thank You. Some donors donated anonymously and so are not listed, however. If you have donated and would like to add an entry to this file, feel free to open a pull request.


See for ways in which you can help support future development of margo and GoSublime.

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