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ST3 freeze when closing files. #208

quarnster opened this Issue Feb 21, 2013 · 7 comments

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Don't know whether the root cause is ST3 or GoSublime, but disabling GoSublime makes the issue go away, although I'd have expected ST3 to not freeze due to a plugin's behavior now with plugin_host.

How to reproduce:
1. Open up lots of go files.
2. Have GoSublime enabled
3. Menu item File->Close All Files
4. ST3 hangs forever.

The only way to regain control is to issue killall plugin_host and then after a few seconds ST3 unfreezes (but then without any plugins running). The freeze always happen with GoSublime enabled and never happens when it's disabled.

ST3 3013 (although happened with 3011 (never upgraded to 3012) too so isn't specific to this version)
OSX 10.8.2
GoSublime r13.02.08-2

The GoSublime error log is empty.

Also reported in the Sublime Text Forums


How many files were there? I'm not sure why it would block for so long - the reason it freezes(I'm guessing) is that fmt has to be a blocking call so control can't return to the view until it's done otherwise it introduces a race-condition. GS doesn't yet take advantage of any ST3 features so I believe these calls might be blocking the ui


Sometimes its enough with just a single file. I just closed a single unsaved plain text file and it froze.


I just pushed an update to the way fetching the cursor position is done. I can't see any more freezes, so I assume it was just bad interaction with the closing view


I'm on the master branch and I can confirm this still happens consistently for me when issuing :q! from VintageousEx.

(That command basically closes the view from an input panel, but it sets some properties on the view too.)

Here's the relevant code:


are you sure it's on the latest version? I can't reproduce it on r13.02.24-1 . If I revert the change 2740a50 then I can reproduce it with the close all menu option, in Vintageous I can only reproduce it with :qall never with :q


You are right... I've just re-enabled VintageousEx and everything works fine. My problem this morning must have happened before I restarted ST after updating the GoSublime package folder.

Sorry about that.


I haven't seen this issue in a few days so I consider it fixed. Thanks for the quick response!

@quarnster quarnster closed this Feb 26, 2013
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