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Resources and materials related to PyCon 2017.
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tutorial/Fantastic Data and Where To Find Them


Resources and materials related to PyCon 2017.

Poster Visualizations

The poster directory generates the figures for the Yellowbrick poster. To run, make sure that you have Yellowbrick 0.4 or later installed as well as Pandas and NLTK (with the NLTK corpora downloaded). Then run the following:

$ python
$ python

The first script downloads the datasets and the second generates the figures. They can be found in PDF in the figures directory. Note that all directories are relative to the poster directory.


The tutorial directory is a copy of the github repo for the tutorial Fantastic Data and Where To Find Them: An introduction to APIs, RSS, and Scraping. The presentation slides were created using reveal.js and jupyter notebook. They are hosted online at the project repo, or you can view them locally by running the following in the directory where slides.ipynb is located:

$ jupyter-nbconvert --to slides slides.ipynb --reveal-prefix=reveal.js --post serve
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