Pimcore 4 plugin for integration with Magento 2
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Magento 2 connector

Magento2-connector is a plugin which allows to add, remove and modify Magento products and categories directly from Pimcore panel. Table of Contents


This module is compatible with Magento >= 2.0 and Pimcore 4.* >= 4.2


This plugin requires following php extensions:

  • php-curl
  • php-mbstring

In Magento you need to have attributes set with id: 4.

In Pimcore you need to have classes Product and Category with following attributes:


  • Sku (text type)
  • Name (text type)
  • Price (float type)
  • Weight (float type)
  • Description (text type)
  • ShortDescription (text type)
  • Categories (multihref)


  • Name (text type)
  • MagentoId (integer type)

Installing/Getting started

Download this repository as .zip file. In Pimcore panel select Extensions and Upload Plugin (ZIP) and click Install and Enable. Follow Configuration tab

Key Features

CMS - Expand your Magento store with powerful CMS CMS

PIM - Manage product information, translations, photos etc. with the best PIM software on the market PIM

Landing Pages - Generate landing pages, forms and content pages in a flash Landing Pages

Tell a Story - Create a Storytelling about your brand and products Tell a Story!

Transfer All Data - Transfer all data types between systems - products, attributes, categories, customers, orders Transfer All Data

Omnichannel - Create a powerful Omnichannel solution Omnichannel

More about this Magento 2 connector on this website.


Fill website/var/plugins/Magento2Connector/Magento2ConnectorConfig.php with credentials to Magento API.


If you'd like to contribute, please fork the repository and use a feature branch. Pull requests are warmly welcome.

Standards & Code Quality

This module respects our own PHPCS and PHPMD rulesets.

About Authors


Founded in 2008 in Poland, Divante delivers high-quality e-business solutions. They support their clients in creating customized Omnichannel and eCommerce platforms, with expertise in CRM, ERP, PIM, custom web applications, and Big Data solutions. With 180 employees on board, Divante provides software expertise and user-experience design. Their team assists companies in their development and optimization of new sales channels by implementing eCommerce solutions, integrating systems, and designing and launching marketing campaigns.

Visit our website Divante.co for more information.