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If you are not self-isolating, you can find out more about how you can help with visor production at DoES Liverpool here. Please only visit the building by prior arrangement so we can keep each other as safe as possible.

DoES Liverpool's COVID-19 Help

A location for our face visor (and other?) help during the COVID-19 pandemic

This repository has been spun out of this initial issue on the topic because (a) it looks like we'll be making some visors and (b) trying to manage that in one issue thread is getting unwieldy.

Lots of makers are looking to help across the world, and that's where we're getting a lot of our information, designs, and inspiration. This repo is (probably) going to focus on what we can and are doing at DoES Liverpool, generally for Liverpool and nearby.

That said, we know lots of other makers across the country, so can connect people up if you need it. And here are some links to other initiatives to check out:

NHS Advice on PPE

Current Work

This page (and others in the repository) are for hold information about the work we've done. To manage the work itself, we'll spin tasks out as individual issues over here. There's also a general "I can help" issue where you can show up to volunteer :-)

If you want to get emails when there are new issues or comments, click the "Watch" button up at the top of the page.

If all this talk of issues, etc. is confusing, our general "how to help at DoES Liverpool" page might help, or feel free to ask us on social media or drop us an email.

Other info, links, etc.

Any other useful things for people to go and check out...



Bits here about schools donating equipment


A location for our PPE (face visor, and other?) help during the COVID-19 pandemic






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