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MaintenanceMode Plugin 0.3.1

This Plugin has been updated by Narimm from AddStarMC. Big shout out to you :).

Hello this is a MaintenanceMode Plugin.
This has been updated by code decompilation under GPL licensing from the jar on DBO.

This is another Plugin from the DKE Development Team, MaintenceMode is a simple light weight plugin that allows you to put your server into maintenance mode kicking all players that are not on the Admin list and also provides a message to players trying to logon to the server.


- Set custom message for when players try to logon.
- Can change the message so it suits the situation and day of maintenance.
- Kicks all players except admins listed in the config when MaintenanceMode is enabled.
- Can be used on both whitelisted and non-whitelisted servers.

How to Use


/mm enable [on/enable/true] - Enables Maintenance Mode
/mm disable [off/disable/false] - Disables Maintenance Mode
/mm msg <String> - Sets the message you wish to display when players try to logon to the server.

Maintenance Mode Config:

enabled: false
maintenance-msg: The server is undergoing scheduled maintenance, please check back later.
maintenance-kick-msg: We are now performing server maintenance, please check back later.
  - Player1
  - Player2
  - Player3

Permission Nodes:



Add a schedule system so a date can be set when the server is to be closed for maintenance.
Add a command so players can check when the next scheduled maintenance is to occur.

Any bugs please send a bug report to and I will fix it a soon as
possible ;)