Analyzers checking System.Reflection
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Analyzers checking System.Reflection

REFL002 Discard the return value.
REFL003 The member does not exist.
REFL004 More than one member is matching the criteria.
REFL005 There is no member matching the filter.
REFL006 The binding flags can be more precise.
REFL007 The binding flags are not in the expected order.
REFL008 Specify binding flags for better performance and less fragile code.
REFL010 Prefer the generic extension method GetCustomAttribute.
REFL011 Duplicate BindingFlag.
REFL012 Prefer Attribute.IsDefined().
REFL013 The member is of the wrong type.
REFL014 Prefer GetMember().AccessorMethod.
REFL015 Use the containing type.
REFL016 Use nameof.
REFL017 Don't use nameof.