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Pongball is a team based multiplayer game blending pong and pinball.
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Pongball is a community developed game initially developed as a community activity across Double Fine's 2017 Amnesia Fortnight event, blending Pong and pinball gameplay in a frantic multiplayer experience.

How to play

Deflect the ball with your paddle and attempt to score goals by getting the ball past your oppenents' paddles. Hitting bumpers and rollover targets (lightpads) increases the point value of goals.

Players can use special powers to affect play such as obscure, obstruct and slow. Powers are single use and randomly given every 20 seconds.

Starting a game

  • If online play is selected, create a host or join a waiting host's game as a client.

  • The game host should choose desired model variants, table layout and paddle type, and then click Play.

  • If offline play is selected, select the desired number of local players.

  • Choose desired model variants, table layout and paddle type, and then click Play.


Right player:

  • Up move up
  • Down move down
  • Right Shift hit animation and flippers
  • Right Ctrl activate power

Left player:

  • W or E move up
  • S move down
  • Left Shift hit animation and flippers
  • Left Ctrl activate power

Gamepad controls (optimised for XBox 360 gamepads on Windows):

  • Left Stick move up and down
  • B hit animation
  • X activate power
  • Left Bumper left flipper
  • Right Bumper right flipper

How to contribute

  1. Check out the FAQ thread on the forums
  2. Read the Initial design notes in the wiki
  3. Review the Contribution guidelines
  4. Say hi on the forums (optional)
  5. Download the source code and get cracking!

Known issues

For known issues, view the release notes for the version you are playing.

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