IHaskell notebooks showing how Haskell can be used in Astronomy.
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Astronomy and Haskell


A collection of IHaskell notebooks showing examples of using Haskell for Astronomy.

The notebooks are placed in the public domain, and come with no warranty.

Posts (reverse chronological order)

  1. a FITSfull of ARF

    Notebooks: read using nbviewer; on GitHub

    Published: 5 April 2015

    Synopsis: What does it take to parse data from a common Astronomy file format (FITS), and what does an ARF look like? There's no fun with dimensional quantities here (that's left for an unspecified notebook in the future), but there's plenty of mathematical abstraction, and even some envy at optical Astronomers and their large mirrors.

  2. K corrections with a dimensional twist

    Notebooks: read using nbviewer; on GitHub

    Published: 3 March 2015

    Synopsis: Have you ever wanted to calculate a K correction? If so, then this one's for you. In the course of this notebook I also play around with representing spectral models and do a bit more work with the dimensional-tf package.

  3. This time with units

    Notebooks: read using nbviewer; on GitHub

    Published: 20 February 2015

    Synopsis: I've moved my IHaskell to ghc version 7.8.4 so can repeat the previous notebook using units instead of dimensional-tf.

  4. Angular Diameter Distance

    Notebooks: read using nbviewer; on GitHub

    Published: 15 February 2015

    Synopsis: I wanted to try out the new units library, but it doesn't compile with ghc version 7.6.3, so I decided to try dimensional-tf instead. There's some simple Astronomical calculations, plots, and use of units.


Please use the issues page if you have questions or see a problem, and pull requests are welcome.