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Files + Writeups for DownUnderCTF 2023 Challenges

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DownUnderCTF 2023 Challenges + Solutions


Challenge Author Category Release Round
xxd-server hashkitten web round_1
one byte joseph pwn round_1
flag art joseph crypto round_1
randomly chosen joseph crypto round_1
helpless hashkitten misc round_1
downunderflow joseph pwn round_1
discord Crem misc round_1
𝕏 a_metre misc round_1
complementary joseph crypto round_1
blinkybill Anon misc round_1
pyny hashkitten rev round_1
All Father's Wisdom pix rev round_1
the bridgekeepers 3rd question hashkitten rev round_1
proxed Jordan Bertasso web round_1
Welcome to DUCTF! pix misc round_1
Needle In IAM BootlegSorcery@ misc round_1
static file server joseph web round_1
confusing joseph pwn round_1


Challenge Author Difficulty Release Round
Eight Five Four Five Blue Alder beginner round_1
Another Please BlueAlder easy round_1
Monkeing Around Blue Alder medium round_1
Immutable Blue Alder hard round_1


Challenge Author Difficulty Release Round
apbq rsa i joseph easy round_1
apbq rsa ii joseph medium round_1
hhhhh hashkitten medium round_1
fnv hashkitten, joseph medium round_2
handshake joseph medium round_1
dilithium± joseph hard round_1
encrypted mail joseph hard round_1
lcg card gimmicks joseph hard round_2


Challenge Author Difficulty Release Round
impossible ghostccamm easy round_1
My First C Program! pix easy round_1
Smart Calculator Solopie easy round_1
SimpleFTPServer BootlegSorcery@ easy round_2
Rogueful Helper Conletz medium round_2
mini dns server joseph, pix medium round_1
real baby ruby hashkitten medium round_2
baby ruby hashkitten medium round_1
daas hashkitten hard round_1
Survey DUCTF_TEAM none round_3


Challenge Author Difficulty Release Round
Bridget's Back! Anon beginner round_1
Excellent Vista! Anon beginner round_1
monke bars ghostccamm easy round_1
Comeacroppa Nosurf easy round_2
faraday hashkitten medium round_1
Shipwrecked Nosurf hard round_1


Challenge Author Difficulty Release Round
safe calculator grub easy round_1
the great escape sradley easy round_1
roppenheimer sradley medium round_2
binary mail joseph medium round_2
shifty mem joseph medium round_1
vroom vroom sradley hard round_1
baby crm grub hard round_1
return to monke sradley hard round_1


Challenge Author Difficulty Release Round
masked squares flag checker joseph easy round_1
number theoretic flag checker joseph medium round_2
sideways joseph medium round_1
wrong signal hashkitten medium round_2
SPACEGAME hashkitten medium round_1
advanced vector expositions joseph hard round_1


Challenge Author Difficulty Release Round
cgi fridays hashkitten easy round_1
strapi in ghostccamm easy round_2
grades_grades_grades donfran easy round_2
actually-proxed Jordan Bertasso easy round_1
secure blog ghostccamm medium round_2
smooth jazz hashkitten medium round_1
0day blog ghostccamm hard round_1
crossed monkes ghostccamm hard round_1


Files + Writeups for DownUnderCTF 2023 Challenges






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