Code for "Global Deconvolutional Networks" paper (BMVC 2016)
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Global Deconvolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation Code


You need to install Caffe with the support of Python layer enabled. The Caffe version provided here can differ significantly from the most recent one. You will also need to download the corresponding caffemodel file: link, and put it into the model/ folder.

A running example can be seen in the gdn_caffe notebook file.


Online segmentation demo is available at

For details on the underlying model please refer to the following paper:

  author    = {Vladimir Nekrasov and
               Janghoon Ju and
               Jaesik Choi},
  title     = {Global Deconvolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of the British Machine Vision Conference 2016, {BMVC}
               2016, York, UK, September 19-22, 2016},
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