A proxy for Minecraft - Pocket Edition to connect to Minecraft - PC servers. Yes, even Mineplex.
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A proxy for Minecraft - Pocket Edition connecting to Minecraft PC/Mac servers.

Video by @MrPowerGamerBR (On an older version): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRSKQMzZYDE


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Build Status Download Once compiled, run dragonproxy-*.jar in proxy/target where '*' is the version number.


See the tutorial in the wiki. Note: Maven won't build the project because every class in DragonProxy/DragonProxy/src/main/java/org/dragonet/proxy/network/translator/pe and DragonProxy/DragonProxy/src/main/java/org/dragonet/proxy/network/translator/pc has compile errors. Just move these folders out of the project to fix the problem until the translators are updated

Supported Remote Server Types

  • For PC/Mac Servers: Bukkit/Spigot/Glowstone/SpongeVanilla/BungeeCord
  • For Pocket Edition Servers: MiNET, Nukkit, PocketMine-MP (and all forks)
  • Not listed does NOT mean unsupported, just untested.


Website: http://dragonet.org
Forums: http://forums.dragonet.org

Libraries Used

  • RakLib Port by the Nukkit project @ Site
  • @Steveice10 's MCProtocolLib @ Link