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Welcome to the AINE wiki!

If you haven't already, I suggest downloading the Engine either from here, or from the official website at http://www.drakkashi.com/aine/download.php

I recommend Notepad++ for editing your game. On the AINE website you will find resources for Notepad++, which will highlight code, do auto-completion and show code hints for AINE while using Notepad++. See http://www.drakkashi.com/aine/download.php

Another useful editor is Sublime Text, which will also attempt to colour the code logically, on its own.

Following is a list of guides for learning how to get the most out of the Engine. The list goes chronologically from the most basic to the most advanced.

I recommend going through the Getting Started guide, and the Basic guides from top to bottom, if you're not already familiar with the Engine. This will teach you what is necessary to make a full fledged game of your own.

The Advanced guides are for adept programmers and authors who want to take their games even further, teaching such things as how to place an animated character in the background, creating a dynamic GUI, adding your own interface buttons, and writing your own engine intergrated functions in ActionScript 3.

  • Getting Started
  • Basic: Creating Interaction
  • Basic: Displaying text and images
  • Basic: Sound and music
  • Basic: Optimized programming
  • Advanced: Creating Interaction II
  • Advanced: Customizing the GUI
  • Advanced: Creating Modules

For additional help, inspiration, and examples, you can see the Examples wiki page, or see the complete list of AINE language references at http://www.drakkashi.com/aine/references.php

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