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A node module for Microsoft BotBuilder Framework.

This module provides plug-in Viber connector for Microsoft BotBuilder framework.

botbuilder-viber currently supports the following tracking features:

  • sending text, image, buttons, stickers messages
  • receiving text messages
  • receiving images
  • receiving other messages as text message [json] with message.attachments[0] filled with raw Viber message:
    payload: rawMessage, /* json from viber directly */
    contentType: 'object',

Getting started

botbuilder-viber is installed just like any other node module:

$ npm i botbuilder-viber

In your bot's app.js:

var viber = require('botbuilder-viber')
var viberOptions = {
  Token: process.env.VIBER_TOKEN,
  Name: 'ViberBotName',  
  AvatarUrl: ''
var viberChannel = new viber.ViberEnabledConnector(viberOptions)
//after initialising your bot and existing connectors 
bot.connector(viber.ViberChannelId, viberChannel)
app.use('/viber/webhook', viberChannel.listen())

When the bot starts, you need to register your webhook with Viber.

Url of the webhook will be the url of your bot appended /viber/webhook.


botbuilder-viber requires express instead of restify like most BotBuilder samples do.

Sending stickers

var viberPayload = {}
viberPayload[viber.ViberChannelId] = {
    "type": "sticker",
    "sticker_id": 114406
var stickerMessage = new builder.Message(session).sourceEvent(viberPayload)

How to find out Viber's sticker ids?

Viber API documentation


Other information

  • This BotBuilder is working on top of viber-node module:
  • It can probably send whole set of different messages Viber supports (Text, Url, Contact, Picture, Video, Location, Sticker, File)
  • Avatar is recommended to be 720x720, and no more than 100kb (otherwise will not show on mobile clients). Use tinypng to make it smaller.